65 Roses Month

65 Roses Month is held in May each year. It’s a time when friends, family and colleagues come together to help raise awareness and funds for CF. Here’s some ideas about how you can get involved!


Join CF Community Care’s own ‘65’ challenge!

If you’d like to be part of our challenge, you can JOIN US AND WALK 65km IN MAY in support of people with CF.

Sign up to walk in honour of someone you know who is living with CF, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

You could walk a couple of kilometres every day, or do it all in one weekend!


Run a fundraising event featuring the number 65

  • Host a lunch for 65 people, or a high tea or cocktail party
  • How about a yoga class for 65 or a wine tasting night?
  • Or you could invite 65 green thumbs to a plant swap.



Create a challenge in May with a connection to the number 65

Here’s some ideas or you can create your own!

  • Do 65 squats each day
  • Skip for 65 hours during the month
  • Plant 65 trees during May
  • Hold a dog wash and wash 65 dogs
  • Play 65 sets of tennis between your tennis club



Sell roses or CF Community Care merchandise

Contact us and we’ll send you a merchandise box of goodies to sell at work or at school, or we can talk with you about how you can sell roses at your school or community event. Email events@cfcc.org.au in Victoria or communityfr@cfcc.org.au in NSW.


Get your local cafe involved in Rise n’ Grind for CF

Participating cafes will donate part of the cost of every coffee they sell on 31 May – 65 Roses Day.



For more information about 65 Roses Month please email communityfr@cfcc.org.au in NSW or fundraising@cfcc.org.au in Victoria, or call (03) 9686 1811.