Cystic Fibrosis Month in May


The month of May is here!

In order to continue to support people with CF and their families during such a difficult time for everyone, when large fundraising events have been cancelled, we need the generous support of the wider community.

So in 2020, we are doing things a bit differently and running virtual challenges. Another change we’ve made is to move away from 65 Roses Month and call it Cystic Fibrosis Month, as the aim of this campaign is to further raise the level of public awareness of CF.

How will you take part in Cystic Fibrosis Month?

While we may all be stuck indoors, there are still many events and activities throughout May that you can choose to get involved with. Let’s stand together as the CF community and show how strong we are!

You can ask your network to donate to CF Community Care or sponsor you to:

  • take the 65 Roses Challenge – hold a challenge around the number 65. You could pledge to complete 65 squats a day, hold an online trivia night with the theme 65, team up to read 65 books through the month, or host a virtual meal and perhaps see who can cook the most creative dish containing 65 g or 65 ml of something!
  • join the Walk 65K in May virtual challenge – sign up to walk 65 km during May and ask your friends and family to join you virtually. You could walk a couple of kilometres every day or do it all in one week! We may be in isolation, but we need to make sure we keep moving where permitted.
  • buy a rose from our Virtual Rose Garden to send to a friend or promote the rose garden online for others to buy.
  • create your own event – hold an online cocktail-making class, movie night or virtual dinner party, and ask people participating to donate what they can to CF Community Care.

We are currently updating all our information for the challenges. If you’d like to get in early to organise an online event, you can email (Vic) or (NSW). To make a donation, visit our web page.

For our community, it’s usually a time when friends, family and colleagues come together to help raise awareness and funds for CF. However, in these unprecedented times, we are all having to adapt the way we interact with each other and change the way we live for the foreseeable future. People with CF already know what it’s like to socially isolate. They know about extra infection-control precautions like frequent effective hand-washing. They also live with the anxiety that any infection they catch can be potentially life-threatening.

The 65 roses theme dates back to 1965 when a four-year-old boy overheard his parents and healthcare professionals discussing his condition. Not fully able to get his tongue around the words cystic fibrosis, he pronounced the condition ’65 roses’. The nickname stuck, and cystic fibrosis organisations around the world adopted the rose as a symbol of support and understanding for sufferers of the disease. For this reason, we are staying with the number 65 as a target for challenges that are undertaken.