“When my baby failed to thrive, we did not know why”

Thank you for helping reduce the impact of cystic fibrosis (CF). Your generosity gives children and adults with CF more hope for the future. You can’t catch, cure or ignore it. CF is for life. Will you please send a tax-deductible gift to Cystic Fibrosis Community Care today?

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When the heel-prick test revealed baby Isobel had CF, her mum and dad weren’t prepared for the rush of emotions that followed.

“The uncertainty and fear was incredible” says Isobel’s mum, Christine. “There was so much grieving on my part.”

Then two years later when Ruby was born, Christine and Gerard were devastated to receive the same news: their second daughter also had CF.

CF is a life-limiting genetic condition that damages young lungs and starves the body of vital nutrients. Children with CF might look healthy on the outside, but inside it’s a different story. They face a relentless regime to keep their vital organs healthy. There’s no cure.

The build up of thick mucus in the lungs makes breathing difficult and causes irreversible lung damage. Time and again, lung infections can mean lengthy periods in hospital.

Please will you send a gift today to support children like Isobel and Ruby to live with CF.

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We know that Isobel and Ruby have very much supported each other. Their parents have done everything possible for them. But much more is needed, and this is where Cystic Fibrosis Community Care’s services and vital programs come in.

At CF Community Care, we’re helping people with CF through meaningful support services. Early intervention and access to new medications are increasing life expectancy. But, there is still no cure. A simple common cold can be deadly to someone with CF.

Can you imagine taking 50-70 tablets a day?

Isobel and Ruby’s lives revolve around medication, physio and hospital. They miss valuable time at school because they’re regularly ill – sometimes in hospital for over four weeks at a time

Each of the girls must take around 50-70 tablets every day. It’s all part of the routine. Ruby, now 11, says “one of the tablets is horrible – it’s like putting a smelly sock in your mouth.”

Christine says they are now old enough to manage their treatment. “Isobel sets the alarm to get up early and she wakes Ruby, and together they start their physio and organise their tablets. That’s great as it takes a load off their dad and me.”

“I’m so grateful for the support we’ve had from our cystic fibrosis organisation” says Christine “They’ve loaned us very expensive time-saving equipment and provided amazing in-hospital support. This really helps when times are tough.”

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You will be helping people like Isobel and Ruby. Their CF can’t be cured and it needs to be managed every day. Your support will help ease the daily burden of their treatment.

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On behalf of people living with CF, thank you whole-heartedly for your generous support in the battle against CF.