Young people 11–17 years


The teenage years are challenging for all sorts of reasons, and living with CF adds an extra layer of complication.
But with the right knowledge, support and preparation, there’s no reason that young people with living CF should miss out on anything that life has to offer.
Information specific to a range of issues is provided below, along with links to other websites that can help people with CF make the most of their secondary school years.
If you have any questions that aren’t covered, remember that you can ring us on 02 8732 5700 in NSW or 03 9686 1811 in Victoria.

As children grow into adulthood they need to begin to take responsibility for managing their own health – deciding what to eat and when to exercise. Making the transition to self-management is critical for their future life success.

The move into secondary school and planning for the next step into further education are big steps. Parents and children need to engage schools and teachers to ensure that educational opportunities are not impacted by CF.

Socialising is a big part of teenage life, and there are a few things that people with CF need to think about. How to talk about their condition and what they need.

Becoming sexually active involves a range of issues for people with CF. Learning about fertility. How to avoid STIs and why that is so important for people with CF. The CFCC supported website s also provides information about this.